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5 Reasons to Recycle Right

Why it's more important than ever to recycle correctly.

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Don't be a “Wishful Recycler”

What you need to know about the true price tag of recycling wrong.

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‘Avoid the Spark’ with Proper Lithium Battery Disposal

ABC 7’s Michael Finney investigates how a simple piece of duct tape can protect you from the fire danger posed by lithium batteries.

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Redwood Landfill Receives Environmental Award

Your local landfill was recognized with the Marin Conservation League's 2018 John M. McPhail, Jr. Green Business Award.

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Recycle Right: How to Avoid Contaminating Your Recycling and Compost

Read this special insert guide and learn how good intentions are wasted when the wrong materials are put in your recycling and compost carts. Find it in the Marin IJ and Pacific Sun too!

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People Waste Nearly a Pound of Food Daily

U.S. consumers waste 150,000 tons of food daily – and diet quality is a key factor, says a new national study.

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Milk Cartons & Aseptic Packaging Should No Longer Be Recycled

These items should now be put into the trash. Read this article to find out what's behind this change.

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How to Live Zero Waste

 Mill Valley resident's commitment to a Zero Waste lifestyle featured on

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The Contamination Problem

Tips on how you can avoid contaminating your recycling and ensure that it actually gets recycled.

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KTVU Video on the Impact of China’s New Recycling Policies

With tighter quality restrictions comes the need for better controls on how we clean, store, and collect recyclables.
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