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Mill Valley Refuse Holiday Information

Holiday Information

Mill Valley Refuse Service collection service operates normally on all holidays EXCEPT Christmas and New Year’s Day. When either of these two holidays falls on a weekday, we will operate one day later through Saturday.

For example, if Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Monday, we will do the Monday routes on Tuesday, the Tuesday routes on Wednesday, and so on through the Friday routes being finished up on Saturday.

For our office hours of operation, visit our Contact page.

Don’t Trash Those Trees

Christmas trees should not end up in the landfill. Please put your trees out on the curb on any regular Compost Cart day, beginning Monday, January 6, 2020, the week after New Year’s. We will not pick up trees left by garbage cans.

    • Remove all ornaments, tinsel and metal stands
    • Wooden stands are okay to leave attached
    • Trees over five (5) feet must be cut for easier handling (each section should be less than five feet)
    • Plastic trees cannot be recycled, they must go in the trash
    • Flocked trees are not accepted for composting in the green cart and must go in the trash
Christmas Tree

What’s Recyclable?

Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping paper is typically recyclable. Just be careful with glittery or metallic wrapper as these types of paper are not recyclable and can contaminate recycling. Those belong in the trash. Stick with plain paper wrappers if you are looking to ensure it can be recycled. And better yet — save that paper to reuse for next year!

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper should be composted – put it in your Green Compost Cart. Since most tissue paper is already made up of recycled paper, it can be difficult to recycle.

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and bows are not recyclable and unfortunately should go in the trash. The good news is they are very easy to reuse, so stash them with your leftover wrapping paper for next year!

How to Gift or Tip Your Driver

It has long been a tradition for some to tip the garbage, recycling and compost collectors during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The drivers very much appreciate these gifts and are thankful for them.

However, gifts left on cans at the street have become targets for “scrooges” who are known to drive or walk along the streets snatching them before the collectors arrive. Unfortunate, but true.

The two best ways to give gifts are:

1) Hand them directly to your drivers/collectors (they’ll be happy to meet you!)
2) Send a gift card, check or package to our office

If you send a check, please do not make it payable to Mill Valley Refuse Service. Instead, call our office at (415) 457-9760 extension 25 so we can provide you with the name of your collectors. Or simply specify on your envelope which driver (trash, recycle or yard waste) you want your gift to go to, and include your address so our collectors can identify from whom the gift came. If you want to tip more than one collector, please send separate gifts (one envelope is okay) so we can give your gift directly to the driver(s).

Please send gift cards or packages to:

Mill Valley Refuse Service
Attn. Holiday Gift
112 Front St.
San Rafael, CA 94901