There are better alternatives to single use plastic! 

Nowadays, there are a whole lot of items – such as plastic bottles, utensils and wrap – that are designed to be used once and then thrown “away.” That may feel convenient, but there is a long-term cost. Many items cannot be recycled easily and those that can be recycled don’t always make it into the recycling cart. The result: litter, plastic pollution and wasted resources.
But there are useful, reusable solutions that look and feel better and are often healthier to use than plastic alternatives.

Let Zero Waste Marin’s ReUseful campaign inspire you! Learn some easy ways to cut down on throw-away plastic at


What is Zero Waste Marin?

Zero Waste Marin is comprised of representatives from all over Marin County, their mission is to help residents and businesses meet the county’s Zero Waste goal by 2025 by reducing and recycling their solid waste and safely disposing of hazardous materials.

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