Single-use cups have a massive impact on our environment. Every year, Americans alone use 58 billion single use cups. That’s 20 million trees. 6.8 million tons of CO2. 12 billion gallons of water. 15 billion pounds of carbon. Plastics made from fossil fuels are a global health hazard. And our throw-away society disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color.

Our current way is not sustainable. It’s time for a bold change, and Mill Valley is ready to lead the way with a creative, convenient, and sustainable solution!

CommUnity cup is an innovative, community-centered pilot program in Mill Valley that will replace single-use café cups with a lending system of reusable cups for Mill Valley’ans and others to enjoy.

Through CommUnity cup, You Will Bring Positive, Transformational Change to Mill Valley

– Replacing single-use disposables with high-quality, reusable CommUnity cups
– Helping our businesses reduce waste
– Raising awareness and increasing “reduce and reuse” habits
– Helping foster a move away from the throwaway culture
– Leading by example and teaching our children about sustainable practices.
– Funding the pilot and helping to bring the CommUnity cup to other communities.

Help CommUnity cup Happen

To launch the CommUnity cup pilot program, the organization needs to raise $47,000, so they’re asking for your help. You can learn all about CommUnity cup, their goals, their partners, their process and how you can participate in making it happen on their GoFundMe page. Any size donation is appreciated. Their goal is to mobilize and inspire all 15,000 Mill Valley residents to be a part of this community pilot.

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