In 2020, many California restaurants, malls and other businesses will need to change the way they make compost and recycling bins accessible to customers.


Assembly Bill 827 (making its way through the California legislature now) mandates that businesses that are already required to subscribe to recycling services under AB 341 or composting services under AB 1826 (see our Commercial Laws page for more info) provide customers with “a recycling bin or container for that waste stream that is visible, easily accessible, adjacent to each bin or container for trash other than that recyclable waste stream, except in restrooms, and clearly marked with educational signage.”


In short, you’ll need to make compost and recycling bins or containers accessible and clearly marked with educational signage indicating what is accepted in the local solid waste programs.


We’ll keep you posted as AB 827 develops. You can read more about AB 827 online here.

If you’re a commercial customer of Mill Valley Refuse Service and you have questions about composting and recycling laws that impact you, please be sure to visit our Commercial Services Required by Law page.


Ready to put some compost or recycling signage up at your business? Visit our Posters page or free printable posters. 


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