In their continuing coverage of the challanges facing the recycling industry on a local level here in the Bay Area, ABC 7 ran this story about our efforts to alert our customers to the problem of recycling contamination.

What Can Be Recycled?

We know it’s difficult to determine what items are recyclable! All of us here at Mill Valley Refuse Service recycle at our homes (and office) and are in the same boat. We’ve been conditioned to recycle, recycle, recycle — which means even if we aren’t sure about an item, we tend to throw it into recycling in the hopes that it will be. No doubt, our intentions are good but wishful recycling is causing some serious problems and we have to change our mindeset.

How to Recycle Right

  • Do not put any trash, food waste, yard waste or hazardous wastes in your recycling cart.Properly clean items prior to putting them in your recycling cart. 
  • No plastic bags in your recycling. Do not bag your recycling. More info: What to do with Plastic Bags.
  • Don’t trust the plastic recycling numbers; we accept plastic bottles, jugs and tubs. More info: Don’t Count on the Numbers.

When in doubt, check it out with our “What Goes Where” tool. It will tell you how to properly dispose of the item.

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