After staying at home for weeks, you may be more aware of clutter and be moved to remove! Are you looking at piles of items to donate or recycle?


Unfortunately, during the shelter-at-home order, many facilities for drop-off and donation are closed or reducing services, including those that collect paint, batteries, bulbs, hazardous waste and e-waste.


At this time, it’s best to collect, sort and store your no-longer-needed items to take for reuse, recycling and donation after we get the all-clear.


Tip: Save some of the cardboard boxes you have received from deliveries or online orders to store items. Make sure to label them clearly!


For a reminder about what common materials are considered hazardous, visit our Household Hazardous Waste page.


For more tips on how to minimize waste during Stay-at-Home, visit

Spring Cleaning During Stay-At-Home

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