For those of us lucky enough to have a yard, gardening can be a great way to get fresh air, relax and spend time with the family outside. Even better if your garden work creates zero waste or even reduces waste!


It’s easy with these tips from Zero Waste Marin:

  • Yard and garden waste, such as clippings, flowers, grass and leaves, can go in your green cart.
  • Maybe now’s the time to start composting at home! Find tips and resources from Zero Waste Marin, here.
  • Time to move along those tired pots or that statue that no longer appeals? Collect them in your “to donate” box and find them a new home when the stay-at-home is lifted.
  • Some things never change! Pet waste should always, always go in the garbage.


For more tips on how to minimize waste during Stay-at-Home, visit


For information about what goes in your green yard waste and compost cart, visit our Residential Compost page.

Gardening More During Stay-at-Home

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