Marin’s Zero Waste Schools

Life lessons, savings, and less to the landfill

Twenty-nine of Marin’s 49 public K-12 schools are enrolled in the Zero Waste Schools Program, and more are coming on board every year.


At these schools, students and staff conduct a waste assessment, learn about proper sorting and set up a comprehensive recycling and composting program. Funded by Zero Waste Marin, the Zero Waste Schools Program provides containers for indoor and outdoor discard stations as well as other equipment at no cost to the school. They also train teachers and staff, help with green team coordination and other ongoing zero waste activities. Schools that achieve their goals are certified and awarded with recognition and up to $2,500 in cash. To date, nine schools have been recognized.


Zero Waste School students learn important life lessons and keep waste out of the landfill. For example, Laurel Dell Elementary in San Rafael, one of the first schools to join the program in 2015, has increased the amount of waste that’s recycled or composted from 20% to 50%! That’s a win for the environment and helps reduce the school’s garbage bill. Every dollar not spent on waste is a dollar that can be better used educating our kids.


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Zero Waste Schools

These schools are currently enrolled in the Zero Waste Schools Program. Schools interested in joining can sign up here.

  • Corte Madera: Neil Cummins Elementary, The Cove School
  • Fairfax: White Hill Middle School, Manor Elementary
  • Inverness: Inverness Elementary
  • Kentfield: Anthony G Bacich Elementary, Kent Middle School
  • Mill Valley: Old Mill Elementary, Park Elementary, Edna Maguire Elementary, Strawberry Point Elementary, Mill Valley Middle School
  • Point Reyes Station: West Marin Elementary
  • San Anselmo: Hidden Valley Elementary, Wade Thomas Elementary, Brookside Elementary
  • San Geronimo: Lagunitas Elementary
  • San Rafael: Laurel Dell Elementary, Glenwood Elementary, Vallecito Elementary, Mary E. Silveira Elementary, Short Elementary, Sun Valley Elementary, Coleman Elementary, San Pedro Elementary, Bahia Vista Elementary
  • Tiburon: Bel Aire Elementary
  • Tomales: Tomales Elementary
  • Unincorporated West Marin: Laguna Joint Elementary

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