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Garbage Collection Services

Garbage Service

  • Collected weekly
  • Cans must be in accessible curbside or on-premise location on your designated pickup day

Cans And Rates

Residential rates include the weekly pickup of garbage, recycling and compost cans, plus a limited number of free curbside cleanups (see info on curbside cleanup below).

Residential customers must supply their own 20, 32 or 45 gallon can. Each size has its own rate. Many of our service areas are split into designated "Hill" or "Flat" areas, and rates vary depending on the area in which a residence is located. 

Lifeline and/or low-income rates are available in some areas. See the Terms and Conditions for the area in which you live (click on appropriate link to your right) for information on how to qualify for these rates, or call our office.

Multi-unit residences (defined as residential housing with four or more units) are charged a minimum of one 32-gallon can per unit. An exception to this rule may apply if the multi-unit residence is an Active Participant in food waste composting service. Details of this exception are on our Compost Services page and in your area's Terms and Conditions (click on appropriate link to your right).

Pick Up Information

Your can should weigh less
than 60 pounds.
Trash cans must be in a visible location (accessible side or backyard locations are OK) by 6:00 a.m. on your designated pickup day.

There is a 60 lb. weight limit per can. Heavy cans must be lightened and special pickup charges may apply.

If you have any extra trash which does not fit inside your regular can or cans, please call at least a day before your pickup and speak with a representative to place an order for the extra pickup.

Curbside Cleanups

Do your spring cleaning any time of year! A limited number of free curbside cleanups are included with your regular trash service. Residents in all of our service areas may call our office to request personal cleanups on any of their regularly scheduled garbage pickup days.

Scheduling Your On-Call Curbside Cleanup is Easy

Just call our office at least 24 hours in advance of your regular garbage pickup day to schedule one of your personal curbside cleanups.
Phone: 415-457-9760
Office hours:
Monday – Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Procedures and Limitations

  • You may schedule up to two (2) cleanups per year. (Tiburon, Corte Madera and Homestead residents may schedule up to four (4) cleanups per year.)
  • All articles for disposal must be at the curb no later than 6:00 a.m. on your normal collection day.
  • Place all trash and rubbish in disposable boxes or containers. No containers or garbage cans will be returned.
  • Items can be bundled together with strong cord, but must not be over five (5) feet long.
  • Limit per each cleanup is three (3) cubic yards (three cubic yards equals twenty-one 32-gallon trash bags).
  • We cannot take the following items: cement, rocks, dirt, ashes, auto parts, household hazardous wastes, E-wastes (televisions, computers, etc.), tires, appliances, furniture, mattresses, construction material or yard waste*.

*Homestead residents only may dispose of yard waste during a cleanup, but the cleanup must be pure yard waste or pure trash as these materials are dumped in different trucks. Our drivers will not try to separate mixed loads. Be sure to designate which truck you want when you schedule the cleanup.