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Use Your Brown Can for Recycling

  • Brown can is for recycling only, no garbage, yard waste or hazardous wastes
  • It's ok to mix your recyclables (glass, cans, paper etc.) in the brown can
  • Flatten and bundle all cardboard boxes (no larger than 4 foot x 4 foot)
  • Place your cart out only when it is at least half full
  • Collected weekly
  • Place your can at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your designated pickup day
  • Got too much? Pile extra recyclables by your brown can on pick up day

What To Recycle

The list below will help you determine what you may put in your mixed recycling can. "Mixed" or "single-stream" recycling (as it is sometimes called) means that you can put all of your recycling in one can, so there's no need to sort items by type. For a printable version of what can be recycled, download our Recycling Guide (pdf). Items accepted in our curbside program are not the only ones Marin residents can recycle, visit Marin Recycles to learn more.

Mixed Paper and Cardboard

  • Mixed paper: such as newspaper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, phone books
  • Office paper: any color, envelopes (envelopes with windows okay)
  • Paperboard: such as cereal boxes (liners removed), shoe boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard (please flatten into 4' x 4' bundles)
  • Do not include: soiled paper, wax or plastic-coated paper, tissues, paper towels, photographs or hardcover books

Glass Bottles and Jars

  • Food and beverage bottles and jars in any color.
  • Please empty and rinse. No need to remove labels or caps. No corks.
  • Do not include: ceramics, Pyrex, stemware, light bulbs, window glass, or mirrors

Plastic Containers

  • Hard plastic containers with the plastic recycling symbol numbers 1 to 7: such as plastic milk containers, soda, water, shampoo bottles
  • Do not include: Styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic film, PVC pipe

Metal Cans

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Cans
  • Tin and bi-metal cans: aerosol and metal paint cans are accepted if completely empty and dry.
  • Please rinse and empty before recycling. No need to remove labels.
  • Do not include: scrap metal, propane tanks, hangers or containers with liquid

Do Not Recycle Milk Cartons and Juice/Rice/Soy Containers

Unfortunately, paper that is lined with plastic (like milk cartons) or line with layered materials (such as juice or soup boxes) are no longer accepted for recycling. Read more about this here. Please do not put them in your recycling cart, instead these items go into the trash.

  • Milk cartons
  • Drink boxes – Including juice, soy and rice milk containers and other aseptic packaging
  • Juice concentrate containers 

Contamination Can Undermine Your Best Recycling Efforts

Prices for recyclables have plummeted, and there is no recovery in sight. The unfortunate consequence of this is that at processing plants workers are no longer tearing open plastic bags full of material as they come across the sorting belts. That means if you've bagged your recycling in a plastic bag, that bag (and all its content) usually ends up in the trash.

Don’t let good recyclables end up in the trash!

Please do not bag your recycling. Instead, simply throw your recylables loose in your brown recycling cart. If you must use a plastic bag, dump out the loose contents of the plastic bag into your cart and throw the plastic bag in the trash.


Recycle Right Guide

Learn how good intentions are wasted when the wrong materials are put in your recycling and compost carts.




Participate, Reduce and Save

MVRS offers a less expensive 20-gallon can rate for customers who recycle and compost so much that they do not fill larger-size cans with trash. You must purchase a new 20-gallon can from a local store if you wish to switch to the 20-gallon can rate. Reduce, reuse, recycle and compost as much as you are able to see if you can drop a can size and save money in the long run.