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Holiday Schedule | Mill Valley Refuse Service

Holiday Schedule

Mill Valley Refuse operates normally on all holidays EXCEPT Christmas and New Year's Day. When either of these two holidays falls on a weekday, we will operate one day later through Saturday. For example, if Christmas and New Year's Day fall on a Monday, we will do the Monday routes on Tuesday, the Tuesday routes on Wednesday, and so on through the Friday routes being finished up on Saturday.

Don't Trash Those Trees!

Don't Trash Your Tree

Christmas trees should not end up in the landfill. Please put your trees out on the curb on any regular green can day, starting after New Year's Day. We will not pick up trees left by garbage cans.

Homestead Valley customers without green cans can leave their trees on the curb when they see their neighbors putting green cans out.

You MUST REMOVE all ornaments, tinsel and METAL STANDS from your tree (wooden stands are OK). Please note that metal stands can generally be removed by unscrewing them in a counterclockwise motion from the stump of your tree. Cut any tree over five feet tall in half so it can be easily handled (see note below). Flocked trees are OK to put out.

Back Injury Alert!

One of our green can drivers injured his back one year trying to lift an over-sized Christmas tree into his truck. To eliminate the risk of injury, ALL trees MUST be cut into five-foot lengths or they will not be taken. Thank you for your consideration.

Christmas Package Recycle Guide

We know you'll be tempted to throw every bit of Christmas wrap and packaging into your recycling cart, but some of it is just not recyclable.

Please don't try to recycle:

  • Metallic or plastic coated wrapping paper
  • Bows and ribbons
  • Plastic "blister" packaging
  • And especially no styrofoam blocks or peanuts