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What Goes Where

Not sure how to properly dispose of something? Search our What Goes Where tool to find out if a material can be reused, recycled, composted, or disposed of in your trash.


Garbage Service

When you sign up for service, a customer support representative will review cart and pick-up frequency options to determine which one is right for your complex.

  • Service rates include trash, recycling and compost service.
  • The rates and terms and conditions for each area we service are listed on the right.

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Garbage Carts and Containers

  • One-(1) or two-(2) yard containers — MVRS will provide one (1) or two (2) yard trash containers upon request. Rental fees apply.
  • Garbage Carts/Cans — We do not supply garbage carts, so if the one or two-yard containers are too large, you must supply your own 32 or 45-gallon trash can. No 50-gallon cans are allowed.
  • There is a 60 lb. weight limit per can. Heavy cans must be lightened, and special pickup charges may apply.
  • If you have extra trash that does not fit inside your regular cans or containers, please call at least a day before your pickup and speak with a representative to place an order for the extra pickup. Additional charges will apply.

Recycling Service

  • MVRS will provide apartments with brown recycle carts (at no extra charge) or 2-yard containers (rental fees will apply).
  • Recycling carts or containers are for recycling only. No garbage, yard waste, or hazardous wastes.
  • IMPORTANT Contaminated carts or containers (ones that contain any material other than approved recycling material) will be dumped and charged as trash.
  • If you aren't sure if a specific item can be recycled, use our handy What Goes Where tool above.
  • Apartment Managers Make sure your tenants recycle right by printing our Recycling Guide and handing one out to each tenant.

Download our Recycling Guide



California’s Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law

Current California state law requires that apartment communities/multi-family housing with five (5) or more units and that generate four (4) cubic yards or more of waste per week must recycle. Learn more at CalRecycle.

Contamination is a Real Problem

Learn how good intentions are wasted when the wrong materials are put in your recycling and compost carts.



Compost Service

  • MVRS provides free kitchen countertop compost pails upon request for each unit in an apartment or condo complex.
  • Green compost carts are for food scraps & yard waste only.
  • If you aren't sure if a specific item can be composted, use our handy What Goes Where tool above.

Download our Food Scrap Flyer


California’s Mandatory Commercial Composting Law

California law AB 1826 requires multifamily residential dwellings that consist of five or more units and that generate four (4) yards or more of food waste per week to compost. Learn more here.

Reduce Trash Rates by Composting Food

Property owners may be able to reduce rates by becoming an "Active Participant" in food composting.

If you're a tenant in an apartment building or a condo owner, and your complex is not yet participating in our food composting program, just ask your property manager to call our office to learn how easy it is to become an Active Participant in food composting (learn how here). We will supply one kitchen countertop pail for each unit in an apartment or condo complex, plus green compost carts at no extra charge to the existing trash bill. We can provide these services only if requested by a person authorized to order service for your complex (usually a representative of the management company whose name is on the trash bill).

Tell the manager or property owner that if enough tenants reduce their waste stream by composting food waste, your apartment or condo complex may be able to reduce the number of trash cans your complex is currently using. 

Download our Active Compost Participation Guide