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Dual-Stream Pilot Program Report

Between the months of Septemeber and December of 2018 we conducted a Dual-Stream Pilot Program with select residential MVRS customers to guage the feasability of moving to a dual-stream recycling process utilizing existing equipment and an alternating week pick-up schedule.

The following report (which has been provided to all of our jurisdictions) evaluates the success of the program including customer feedback, quality of recycling material collected, and operational feasability. We will provide two rate applications to our jurisdictions in April, one that includes a complete operational shift to residential dual-stream collection, and one that keeps the mixed-stream method we currently use. It will then be up to each jurisdiction to decide if they want to move forward with adoption. We are encouraging our jurisdictions to hold a public hearing on the dual-stream option once they've received our rate applications. Reach out to your city council if you would like to provide feedback about that decisionmaking process.

Download the MVRS Dual-Stream Report (6MB pdf)