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5 Tips to Reduce Halloween Waste

Halloween is a time for celebration and fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Please consider these five tips to reduce waste this Halloween.

  • Pumpkins – Buy pumpkins from local farms or farmers' markets. Next year, consider growing your own pumpkins; they are easy to grow and kids love the experience!
  • Jack-o-Lanterns – Don't throw away all the goodies from inside your pumpkin. Toast the seeds for tasty treats, use the pumpkin flesh to make a puree (recipe here) for pumpkin pie or muffins. And once you’ve used up as much as you can, compost your pumpkins in your green yard waste cart.
  • Trick-or-Treat Bags – Use (and decorate) household items to collect candy in. A bucket, pillowcase, or old even an old bag can be decorated inexpensively at home - and reused year after year.
  • Decorations – Avoid buying more plastic decorations and re-use what you already have on hand. Get crafty by making recyclable cardboard boxes into tombstones, turn old stockings into spider webs… Better yet, decorate your house with a fall harvest theme using ornamental gourds, corn, leaves or fallen tree limbs, all of which are compostable and help reduce waste!
  • Treats – A bag full of candy is also a bag full of wrapper waste. Paper candy boxes are recyclable, but most candy wrappers have to go in your trash bin. Buy locally-produced foods, candies and treats and consider goodies with minimal packaging and/or those packaged in recycled materials.

We hope you have an absolutely “spooktacular” Halloween!