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I Tried To Live Trash-Free For 30 Days

Could you go zero waste—cold turkey—for one month?

Watch this video of a Los Angeles woman documenting her challenges and successes as she embarked on living zero waste for one month.

While it may be too extreme to go 100% zero waste overnight, as this video suggests, starting with one thing is an attainable first step. Try cutting out disposable coffee cups, bring your own produce bags to the market, get mason jars and shop bulk… Start with one thing and once you’ve gotten a taste of how easy it is, and how good it makes you feel to be doing your part, you can begin implementing more waste-saving measures.

One thing you can start right now is food waste composting. We make it easy for you – no need to start your own compost bin, just use your green can from Mill Valley Refuse. Visit our Compost Services page to learn more.