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Nashville Sets Example In Food Waste Reduction

The city of Nashville, TN may not be the first place you think of as an environmental leader, but that’s precisely why the Natural Resources Defense Council picked it to kick-start a Food Saver Challenge aimed at reducing food scraps from the restaurant industry.

For this challenge, a dozen chefs in Nashville have been chosen to participate in a year-long national model on how to cut down on food waste. Heavily focused on avoiding waste, the Food Saver Challenge has restaurants paying close attention to preventing food waste in the first place. That means smarter purchasing, realistic portion sizes, finding new ways to reuse scraps, donating leftovers and – last resort -- composting the food waste that can’t be helped.

To learn more about the Food Waste Challenge in Nashville, visit Nashville Public Radio.

Commercial Food Composting in Southern Marin

We're thrilled that other areas of the country are moving toward reducing and reusing -- especially on the commercial level where it's often ignored. And if you're wondering if we provide commercial compost service to our customers here in Southern Marin, the answer is yes!

Commercial businesses that generate a lot of food waste, such as restaurants and supermarkets, will have to begin composting that food waste in the near future. Currently, California law AB 1826, requires businesses that generate eight yards or more of food waste per week to compost. That is such a huge amount of food waste that it impacts only a few businesses.

However, in the next few years, lower levels of food waste generated per week phase in, and eventually ALL businesses that generate such waste will be required to compost it. The best way to learn about AB 1826 is to visit CalRecycle’s website.

Although your business may not generate enough food waste to fall under the mandatory composting rules now, there’s no need to wait if you want to begin food composting. Your current trash bill already includes a limited amount of compost service, and MVRS offers additional food composting service options if needed. For information about those options, go to our Garbage Service page and click on the Terms & Conditions link for the town in which your business is located. Under the Commercial section of those Terms, you will see the heading Additional Compost Service Available, which spells out how to add more compost service. If you’d like more information, call our office at 415-457-9760, X 12.