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The Perils of On-Premise Service

Most Mill Valley Refuse Service customers utilize our curbside garbage service (placing their garbage can at the curb for pick up), with only ABOUT 10 percent of our customers requesting or requiring on-premise service.

Prior to January 2015, however, we collected trash “the old-fashioned way,” with drivers using carry cans to pack the trash out on their backs to the trucks. This level of service is very taxing on the bodies of the drivers who must lift and haul heavy, oversized cans.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

In this NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit report, Liz Wagner explores how on-premise pick up service in one city in the East Bay could be causing permanent harm to the workers who collect their garbage.

View the video and read the full article online at

While we do provide on-premise options for a fee (and exemptions for elderly or disabled customers), we strongly encourage our customers to help us increase efficiencies and protect our workers by utilizing curbside pick up service. Click here for more information about our garbage service options.