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How to Avoid Wasting Food

It’s difficult to fully comprehend, but 40% of all food produced in the United States ends up wasted. In Marin, nearly 23% of our residential waste stream is comprised of food scraps and food-soiled paper.

We can do better.

Wasted food is the single largest contributor to landfills in the US—not to mention the water, labor, fuel and money wasted along the way. Consumers are responsible for more wasted food than farmers, grocery stores, restaurants or any part of the food supply chain.

For some helpful advice, check out this article, “How to Avoid Wasting Food,” recently posted in the Marin IJ. It discusses contributing factors to our wasteful ways, and offers some things you can do right now to begin changing your approach. The article also provides a few recipes to use up food that otherwise might go to waste such as, potato peel croutons, marinated broccoli stems and leftover spaghetti pie. Sounds good, right?

Please always think twice before tossing that food!

But if you do need to throw it away, make sure you recycle what you can, and compost any approved food waste. We make it easy for you!

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