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Milk Cartons & Aseptic Packaging Should No Longer Be Recycled

These items should now be put into the trash. Read this article to find out what's behind this change.

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How to Live Zero Waste

 Mill Valley resident's commitment to a Zero Waste lifestyle featured on

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The Contamination Problem

Tips on how you can avoid contaminating your recycling and ensure that it actually gets recycled.

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KTVU Video on the Impact of China’s New Recycling Policies

With tighter quality restrictions comes the need for better controls on how we clean, store, and collect recyclables.
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Holiday Packages Are Causing An Environmental And Recycling Nightmare

KPIX News 5 reports on how improper sorting of holiday packaging leads to problems for local recycling centers.

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How Trash Gets Into Creeks

Check out this handy illustration of the various ways that trash gets into our watershed from the Clean Marin Trash Summit in November.

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Big Changes in the Recycling Industry

Changes in the recycling market, and new restrictions are forcing a re-examination of how we collect recyclables.

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5 Tips to Reduce Halloween Waste

Halloween is a time for celebration and fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

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Redwood Landfill Generates Clean Power From Your Garbage

Redwood Landfill is closing the loop on Marin County's trash by turning landfill gas into enough renewable electricity to power 5,000 homes in Marin, Napa, Solano and Contra Costa counties.

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Don't Trash Fashion

According to the EPA 60 truckloads of textiles are trashed in the US every hour. 

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