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Mill Valley Refuse Service began operation as the "Mill Valley Garbage Company" in 1906, and we have served Mill Valley and other southern Marin communities continuously since then. We are a private, family-owned and operated company, with three of the owners pictured below having taken over from their fathers, who operated the company since the 1960s.

For many years, the company's trucks were located on a site that is now the location of the Mill Valley Middle School, and an office on Miller Ave. in Mill Valley. In 1972, we moved to a relatively undeveloped area (at the time) on East Francisco Blvd. in San Rafael near the entrance to the Richmond Bridge. Around 1975, when our friends from Marin Sanitary Service moved into their new headquarters on Anderson Dr., MVRS took over Marin Sanitary's old site on 112 Front St. in San Rafael, and have been there ever since.


The Office

Vice President, Administration and Finance – Jennifer Dami
Mary Engstrom – Customer Service, Accounts Payable
Danielle Ford – Customer Service Manager
Nani Coyle –Customer Service Representative
Shawn Smith –Customer Service Representative


The Owners

The Owners of MVRS

(from left to right) Dave Biggio, Dave Della Zoppa, James Iavarone, Ray Dami


The Shop and Yard Crew

The Shop

(from left to right) Kelvin (Shop Manager), Jose, Rich, Miguel, John and Carlos. Note: Carlos’s son, Carlos Jr., also works in the yard and is the photographer who took this and many other photos on this website.


The Previous Generation

The Previous Generation

Former owners Dave Biggio, Romolo Iavarone and Chut (Julio) Dami at a company picnic in 1985. Each of their sons have taken over their shares of the company business.


The Mill Valley Location

Mill Valley

For many years, the yard that stored our trucks was located where Mill Valley Middle School is now located. At that time, our office was on Miller Ave.


The Move to San Rafael

The Move to San Rafael

From 1972 to 1975 Mill Valley Refuse Service was located in what was a mostly undeveloped area on East Francisco Blvd. in San Rafael near the entrance to the Richmond Bridge.


The Current Location

The Current Location

In 1975 the company moved to its current location in San Rafael on 112 Front St. The recycling-themed logo, designed by Henry Breuer in 1973, still adorns the side of our building.